Great companies don't hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.

Simon Sinek

Creative Ideas

We are polish consulting company supporting partners with such processes as:

  • Recruitment of high quality specialists
  • Consulting for freelancers and entrepreneurs
  • Consulting for startups and medium-sized business
  • Research of business opportunities in Poland and South America
  • Sales training

Recruitment of specialists

We are creative team of recruiters and that’s why:

  • we can find the best talent from the top companies in your industry
  • we find min. 3 candidates for 90% of projects
  • we minimize formalities so we can react immediately after receiving the order
  • we manage HR projects using the Agile method

Sales Training

The effectiveness of your sales team is the most important business measure. Contact us if you need support in such aspects as:

Customer service and sales standards

Optimization and construction of sales processes

Developing the methodology of the internal process of assuring the quality of the team's work

Research on the competence of the sales and customer service team

Consulting for freelancers and entreprenuers

Make an appointment for a free online consultation and let’s find a solution to your problem together:

  • organizing the work-life balance

  • creating and analyzing a business development strategy

  • project management 

  • finding your mission and prioritizing tasks

  • market analysis

  • creating a team and headhunting

  • analysis of sales indicators

You know us and we know your needs


Business Development Manager

  • Business Development Manager
  • Sales specialist since 2008
  • HR Project Management
  • Master of Economics (University of Wroclaw)
  • Helps effectively use human capital in businesses



  • Key Account Manager
  • Responsible for contact with new partners
  • Psychology student



  • Effective recruiter of senior specialists and managers
  • A certified psychologist of the SWPS University in Wrocław
  • Uses competency interviews with the use of psychological tools (business and social psychology)



  • Effective recruiter of middle-level specialists
  • A certified psychologist of the University of Lublin
  • A passionate cultural animator and polyglot

Think global
act local

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