Why do you lose employees after first months of employment?

Have you ever wondered how much employee’s resignation really costs you? You can lose not only time and money but also good reputation of your company. One unhappy former employee can spread his opinion among other similar specialists. There are 5 most common reasons why employees resign from their work after first months of employment (presented by candidates during recruitment processes in Poland). We will skip the obvious reasons which are higher salary or personal issues.

1. There is no growth opportunities

It is in human nature to constantly look for the opportunities to develop. If an employee can’t see a way (that he dreamed of before getting hired) to continued growth in your company, he would easily look elsewhere for skills improvement and promotion opportunity. Even if he would accepted unavoidable routine of his tasks everything can change when he will meet people working in his team for 5 years without significant promotion. You need to help your workers evolve. Work closely with those who report lack of improvement to ensure that each of them is engaged.

2. The job isn’t what they thought it will be

Some candidates after a while will discover that their job and daily tasks aren’t truly what they were looking for or is not like recruiter told him. It may be above or below their competencies. They can be just bored or overload by their duties or get an impression it is much different from what they’ve expected. When you hire someone be honest with him about how the work really looks like. There is nothing worse than a negative surprise and being deceived.

3. Not getting along with team members

Let’s face the truth, there will be those who will resign just after signing contract, even because they didn’t get on well with a manager in the first day. What really matters is the atmosphere in the office, new worker needs to fit in the patter. Coworkers with whom he sits, interacts, and cooperates are critical components of his working environment. If he feels rejected or unaccepted he won’t hesitate to give his resignation to the manager. Not only a new employee has to do his best. Remember that first impression is the strongest one: if a new  hired person had to wait a week for working equipment and his team mate was unprepared, distracted or rude during a knowledge transfer, it would be an obvious choice for him to look for better place to work in. It is in your hands to welcome your new employees with respect and considerable attention.

4. Company is not what it meant to be.

We all have an idea about our perfect job. People spend half of their lifetime in the work, so they want to fit in and be a significant asset to the team. Is better to pay close attention to the candidate questions during the interview. As a potential employee he also wants to evaluate opportunities in your company. Be honest about the aims and your enterprise policies. You don’t have to be Google to be an interesting place to work in. Instead of lying play it straightforward. It is better that candidate rejects a position in the beginning than he will struggle during couple of month being not committed to the work.

5. They accepted offer to fast, with doubts

Too many companies want a candidate’s answer in a very brief time: day or two. His carreer is his future, so it is impossible to make such a big decision in such a short period. With doubts but under the pressure he says „yes”. After signing an agreement he starts working with satisfaction and thinks: ’’Well, I made my own choice’’, but questions inside him rise. It is in our nature to have doubts to prevent us from making bad decisions. As a leader, remember to give your future employee a considerable time to think and evaluate his choices.


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